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    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2020 edited
    <p>How the hydraulic pump works</p>
    <p>Hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system, is driven by the engine or motor from the hydraulic oil tank suction fluid, constitute the pressure oil discharge, sent to the implementation of a component. Hydraulic pump according to the structure is divided into gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump and screw pump. Below small make up for us to introduce the variety of hydraulic pump and hydraulic pump operating principle.</p>
    <p>1, gear pump: small volume, simple structure, the cleanliness of the oil begged not strict, the price is cheaper; But the pump shaft by the unbalanced force wear severe leakage.</p>
    <p>2, vane pump: divided into double action vane pump and single action vane pump this pump flow uniformity, smooth operation, small noise, pressure and volume power than the gear pump high, structure than the gear pump messy.</p>
    <p>3, plunger pump: high volume power, small leakage, can work under high pressure, mostly used for high-power hydraulic system; But the structure is messy, materials and processing precision begged high, expensive prices, the cleanliness of the oil begged high.</p>
    <p>Pump is a kind of energy conversion equipment, the motor for the rotation of mechanical energy for hydraulic energy output. Hydraulic pump is based on the principle of sealing volume changes to carry out the operation, so it is generally called positive displacement hydraulic pump, is a single plunger hydraulic pump operating principle diagram. In the figure, the plunger 2 installed in the cylinder block 3 to form a sealed volume A, the plunger under the action of spring 4 has always been pressed on the eccentric wheel 1. The prime mover drives the eccentric wheel 1 to rotate the plunger 2 to reciprocate, making the size of the sealing volume A to change periodically. When a grows from small to large, some vacuums are formed, making the oil in the oil tank enter the oil chamber A through the suction pipe jacking open the check valve 6 under the action of atmospheric pressure and end the oil absorption. On the contrary, when a changes from large to small, the full oil in a cavity will head open the check valve 5 and flow into the system to end the oil pressure. So the hydraulic pump will be the prime mover input mechanical energy into the liquid pressure energy, the prime mover drive eccentric wheel rotation, the hydraulic pump will continue to absorb oil and pressure oil.</p>
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