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    How to select a washing machine? – boxy question, isn’t it? Buying a new abrasion apparatus is a big accommodation for any household. Along with amount comparison, there are a accomplished host of options you charge to accede afore departing with your cash. First of all, though, you charge to adjudge what blazon of abrasion apparatus you want.Size matters

    The eternal debate is front loader versus top loader. The main consideration here is simply space. If you would not have enough space to open the door to a front loader, then a top loader would be a better option.

    Make sure to get out your tape measure and check first, though: you don’t want to end up with a washing machine that doesn't fit.Other than size and shape considerations, it comes down to personal taste. Agitators, however, muddy the water. Older top loading machines always had them, while front loaders didn’t. Nowadays, though, they’re usually absent in both. Some top loaders still contain them, though, and many consumers believe it offers a better clean, although it does reduce drum capacity.How much washing do you do?

    It’s that drum size that’s your most important consideration. Your first question should always be: how much washing do I need to do? You can get all kinds of drum sizes to fit, from around 4kg up to 10kg (2.45 cubic feet to 5.6). Too big and you’re going to be wasting water and laundry detergent. Too small and you’ll need to wash too often and waste again.Special features

    With modern High Efficiency washing machines, you also have a choice when it comes to features and energy consumption. It's often worth spending more on a more efficient washing machine that will save you in the long term. Look for the EU Energy Rating label.

    The best is A+++, but there are variations within that. Check out the kWh/year and Liters/year figures for a better idea.Special wash modes are also worth looking out for. Some machines allow for washing wool jumpers safely, while others do the same with silk. One of the best of these features is the hand-wash cycle, especially if you own a lot of delicates. To bring the best out of your machine, add Ariel to every load.

    Your washing machine is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. Click to find the perfect tips on buying a washing machine or washing machine parts Such as DDM Motors for you.