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    The TAG Heuer carrera Monaco series watch was born in 1969, at the time when motorsports were closely related to the golden age of chronographs. The watch was named after the custom-made Formula One racing circuit. TAG Heuer gran carrera also became the unique square case of Monaco. An innovation in the industry, and as one of the world’s first self-winding chronograph watches, thanks to the Calibre 11 movement, the watch makes the sq . case more unique, that is, the overhead on the left side of the case. It reminds the wearer that it does not need to be wound manually. The popularity associated with Monaco is also inseparable from the celebrity effect. A year after the watch opened their gates, the Aiguille Heuer Frate watch had been brought into the movie "Le Mans Le Mans". In the movie Steve McQueen has been wearing Monaco for appearances. Kun's superb acting skills and the charming charm of motor sports make this square watch appear on the screen, enabling more and more people know this view and love this unique shape, which has become popular on the arm. Watch the world.

    If the adjustment controller is installed on a "cage frame" that moves one week per minute, a series of vertical positions can be had. In this way, the clock can be very accurate when it moves, and can complement the error.
    With the continuous advancement regarding watchmaking skills, watchmakers are no longer limited to a single tourbillon, so they boldly adopt two or more tourbillons in one enjoy. This design is extremely impactful and shows The top technology of modern horological industry.
    Such as this Breguet Classique Double Tourbillon 5345, two tourbillons are each equipped with the barrel, which is completely hollowed out. While they are rotating, they will also revolve with the hour hand every 12 hours. The complexity is amazing. This see is priced at US$651, 000 (approximately RMB 4. 21 million).
    Because the tourbillon has very high requirements with regard to material wear resistance, impact resistance, weight and aesthetics, watchmakers haven't stopped the development and putting on new materials. In recent years, silicon, titanium, blue steel, titanium-containing alloys and carbon crystal materials make great use of tourbillon watches.
    Now you can understand why a watch with a tourbillon is usually still expensive. Many observe fans who like tourbillon timepieces are captivated with admiring the impression of tourbillon rotation. There is almost no function in the look at. Like a tourbillon, it can clearly show the dynamic beauty of any mechanical check out.
    Can anyone here tell me what I violate with this suggestion: Suggestion. After having been farming quite a bit I have come up with a few tweaks, which I think will greatly improve the farming encounter: The compost Bin - Make it possible to realize how many units there is left befor that the Compost Bin is full (like the Vegetable Sack or Fruit Basket) Make it so it feasible to see how far the rotting process is now, illustrated a percentage or at time [MM.SS]. When making super compost I have to put each fruit and vegetable into the bin (like the weeds), I would like to have the identical option with the fruit and vegetables.

    It is not likely that a participant would like to eat a fruit or vegetable when standing together with the compost bin, so the solution could be that if the player stand one of those squares right next to the compost bin, then the choice to eat the vegetable or fruit should not be the primary option. Once left clicking on a patch with weeds in it I would like to have the personality automatically begin to use the rake (when a rake is within the inventory). Create a description of what is sown in a patch rather than:"This is a [flower/Herb] patch. The soil was treated with compost. Rather I would like to find this:"This is a [flower/Herb] patch. The dirt was treated with compost. The patch has [flower/Herb] growing in it. Time left before it can be chosen [HH.MM.SS]

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