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    • CommentAuthorGamerzone
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2019
    In my ingame"freetime" in those casual guilds we would do some RP-Events, such as a lvl1 gnome race during the whole world, hogger raids, attacking an enemy town or simply drinking beer in our favourite pub in Sturmwind. The majority of the players were called"noobs" but WoW Classic was much more fun with them. Dungeons and raids felt harder and hard. We was able to wipe out a lot in MC due to quite dumb man errors, but it was funny and we laughed a great deal. We would talk and laugh the majority of the moment in TS in general, because everybody played WoW Classic for fun and wasn't that serious and mad on eachother (as opposed to hardcore raiders, who can get really mad at you, if you f*ck up and wipe them with all that expensive consumable buffs and world fans ).

    Raids did not feel like function with time pressure and rushes through to the rate record, it was an epic and slow encounter and much more of an experience. The entire game felt like an adventure, because you had time to explore and to do the small things ingame. And the most significant thing: you'd have more time to your friends and what really counts: interacting with the world.Just my 2 cents here. Raiding in top guilds can be enjoyable, but you should be aware that it may kill the joy of WoW Classic, if you make it into your daylie work. I won't play Vintage, I am too sated of that, I've played with the past 8 years Classic on different private servers. I'm craving for something new, like Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

    People do not anticipate alts, taxes was not something for my guild and we just did 4-5 hours a day. We were among those firstguilds to kill Nefarious too on Nost. My guild was like yours. I frankly would not look at the expectations in this movie seriously for all guilds possibly 1 out of 10 raiding guilds would be the autistic. If anybody played like this I would laugh at you.I'm going to begin using this station for instance to any one who would like to succeed on youtube. CW is just doing everything from the fast delivery of high-quality, detailed information, to the optimized search titles, into the engaging and interesting content. Been doing so for five years now and I am actually learning stuff from him.

    As for planet buffs/alts, you forgot to say having horde priest alt (when you are alliance) to find warchief's blessing.And something that you forgot about vanilla hardcore guilds is the attitude of people in them. Everyone believes they're hot shit for draining MC in 20 minutes. Been playing for you on pserver, undoubtedly the worst experience I've had when raiding in WoW Classic and rear in wotlk/cata afternoon I used to play for top20 world guilds. Finest advice I can give is, ignore pve progression (it is absolutely meaningless) and simply go at your own pace and have fun.

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