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    A lengthy trailer for the ACNH 2.0 update has been released by Nintendo, which can be viewed in the video player embedded below. Users will be informed of the new features that have been added as a direct result of the new version update, which is the most basic form of the notice's purpose. There are new villagers and returning characters as well as new furniture, island customization options, and a whole host of other intriguing new features in this installment, which players can look forward to. As a result of the release of this revision, a total of 18 new villagers have been added to the ACNH 2021 update. This revision also includes a number of bug fixes. Amiibo cards for these new villagers, who have never before appeared in the game, are expected to be included in Series 5, according to plans. It is possible to purchase the Acnh Island Designs directly through the Akrpg website, allowing players who enjoy the hobby of amassing Amiibo cards to make purchases well in advance of their desired arrival date. The production of The Roost marked Brewster's triumphant return to the stage after a long absence. The cafe provides a tranquil setting in which to unwind and indulge in a delicious cup of coffee while sipping on your favorite beverage of choice.Despite the fact that Kapp'n has a top-secret location, the captain is the only one who is aware of the location's secrecy and therefore cannot access nook miles tickets for sale. If anyone would like to assist Kapp'n in witnessing the gems as a group, they are more than welcome to do so whenever it is most convenient for them. Animal Crossing: New Leaf allows players to purchase Animal Crossing NMT in order to make the necessary preparations for the upcoming sea voyage.Advances have also been made in the fields of food preparation and agricultural production, among other things. Players will be able to cultivate crops and vegetables on their islands as a result of the introduction of a new version of New Horizons 2.0, which they will be able to sell to other players. This is the most recent version of the game that is currently available. Prepare delectable meals that will leave you feeling satisfied if you have all of the ingredients on hand. A simple process of preparation in the kitchen yields a variety of vegetables that can be used in a variety of dishes. Some of the vegetables that can be prepared in the kitchen include tomato sauce, wheat, sugar cane, potato puree, and carrot puree, to name a few examples.