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    Even though these shake systems look similar to wood shakes, many homeowners choose them for their long-term durability and the long-lasting performance that metal provides.Many other homeowners appreciate the distinct and distinctive appearance of these specialty metal shake systems as well.The increase in demand for standing seam roofing in the residential roofing market over the past few years may only be surpassed by the increase in popularity of the "new metal roofs" – the shake, shingle, tile, and slate profiles – in the commercial roofing market. These products provide homeowners with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of metal roofing while also achieving the appearance of something very traditional and timeless in appearance. The appearance and functionality of the four different types of these "modular" panels can differ significantly.Pre-formed flashings, such as hip caps, ridge caps, gable trim, sidewall flashing, eaves starter, and valleys, are included with the majority of metal shake systems. Typically, these are universal flashings that can be used on any Metal roof pitch with no modifications. Exceptionally high-quality metal shake systems include an open valley system, which helps to ensure that debris such as leaves, ice, pine straw, and other debris does not obstruct the valley and cause water to back up under the panels or into the valley itself.If you are considering installing a metal Metal roofing panels system, it is usually a good idea to ask your contractor what type of valley flashing will be used with your particular system. Metal shingles are similar to metal shakes, with the exception of the fact that they have a lower profile. Metal shingles are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who are dissatisfied with the short lifespan of the traditional machine split wood shingle. They are also more visually appealing.Buckskin Brown Metal Shingle Metal roofing with Rustic ShinglesAdditionally, because metal shingles are more similar in appearance to dimensional standard shingles, some homeowners prefer them because they allow them to blend in with a more modest neighborhood appearance. The shingle metal  systems, like the shake profiles, are modularized panels that are fastened to the Metal roof shingles deck most commonly with a clip system, but they can also be fastened with a nailing flange that is formed into the top of the shingle. Decorative metal tile profiles are available in a variety of styles and textures, ranging from the exotic Mediterranean barrel tile look to the stately S-Serpentine look.Metal slate profiles, which are available in steel, aluminum, and copper, are designed to mimic the appearance of natural slate. They have the advantage of being about 30 to 50 percent less expensive than real slate, and they are also significantly lighter than traditional slate – which can help to extend the life of older buildings by reducing their weight. Metal roofing is also available in a variety of other, more exotic profiles, including diamond shapes, scalloped tiles, and flat tiles.