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    Did you know that the majority of customers believe that the value of the product is directly proportional to the size of the product box? In other words, the higher the perceived value of a product, the better the packaging it comes in. Consumers' shopping habits have become increasingly selective over the past decade. Their refusal to purchase brand products whose brand ideas are incompatible with their personal values extends even to brand products themselves. More and more people are becoming aware of the effects of global warming on the environment. As a result, most businesses place a high value on maintaining long-term operations. In order to meet the needs of environmentally conscious customers, brands must rethink the environmental protection provided by their product packaging.Why should eco-friendly packaging be your first choice over conventional packaging? Here are some statistics on environmental protection compiled by international environmental experts:The European Union will generate 502 kg of municipal waste per capita in 2019, according to the latest available data.2. Only 9% of the plastics produced around the world are fully recyclable. 3. Customers will place greater trust in your brand if they believe your products and perfume box are environmentally friendly.All of the data presented above demonstrate the environmental impact of waste as well as the impact of packaging on the first impression a customer has of a product. Apart from that, environmentally friendly packaging boxes have numerous additional advantages for the brand..First and foremost, it can lower the overall cost of product transportation because most environmentally friendly custom heart shape boxes materials, such as packaging trays, are relatively light in weight when compared to other materials, lowering the cost of product transportation in direct proportion to the weight of the packaging material. Furthermore, the packaging tray is extremely malleable and can be customized to fit the specific dimensions of the product. Consequently, custom gift boxes can not only increase the size of the control, but they can also save a significant amount of money on Custom Cardboard Packaging Boxes materials as well as late storage costs for the brand.Second, environmentally friendly packaging cartons have the potential to attract more customers' attention and business. According to statistics, more and more customers are becoming increasingly willing to purchase environmentally friendly products. This also confirms that if the use of environmentally friendly packaging trays is used to replace traditional packaging, and then appropriate marketing is implemented, the user attention will be increased.Businesses can easily project an environmentally friendly image of their company through the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials like floristry containers. However, businesses must make sure their values are consistent with the environmentally friendly content they promote. In order to attract target customers and turn them into loyal customers, brand transparency in packaging and products can be extremely beneficial.