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    • CommentAuthorjuly
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2021
    Incorporating several Animal Crossing characters into Animal Crossing, who are currently absent from the game, could be the first step toward implementing positive change in the game's universe. Take, for example, the Bunny Festival, which will be held in April of 2021. Participants were able to witness the return of previous activities while attending the animal crossing event. Blanca is a white cat with no distinguishing characteristics on her face. On April Fool's Day, he will serve as the host of a major Animal Crossing event, which will take place in his town on the day before. Despite the fact that the MTMMO store will continue to closely monitor player activity, the store will also provide players with services such as the buy ACNH bells service, among other things. Although new players have demonstrated a strong interest in large-scale events, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has not yet included an April Fools' Day celebration. It is expected to happen in 2022, according to the developers, which coincides with the year in which they released the game in the first place. Brewster's mascot is a blue rock pigeon, and he owns and operates a coffee shop in the town of Xinye, where he currently resides. Simply by engaging in casual conversation with him on a regular basis, players can deepen their friendship with him due to his enthralling personality. Also available in the coffee shop is the ability for players to purchase Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets, which they can then use to decorate the area as they see fit. Digby, Isabelle's younger brother, also resides in the same house as her mother and her father. Considering that he previously served as the host of Pocket Camp, it would come as no surprise if he were to return to his previous position as the host of New Horizons.The current state of affairs appears to indicate that bringing back the beloved Animal Crossing character is Nintendo's best option at this point in time. In addition to serving as an excellent introduction to franchise rights for newcomers, the Animal Crossing video game series will also serve as an excellent motivator for long-time fans of the series to continue playing.