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    • CommentAuthorjuly
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2021
    A sport like football, where the fundamental mechanics are set in stone and cannot be changed, presents a particularly difficult challenge: you can't just add a multi-ball mode or put 15 players on the FIFA 22 field and call it a day, for example. While acknowledging these obstacles to further development of its most profitable franchise, EA has attempted to do so by completely overhauling the main FIFA 22 animation system, creating what it calls HyperMotion technology.Essentially, the HyperMotion gimmick is comprised of two new FIFA 22 player animation techniques that EA has implemented for this year's game, the first of which is referred to as 'advanced 11v11 capture.'Unlike previous FIFA games, which captured the animations of a small number of players in a motion capture studio, this time the developer staged full 11v11 matches on a full-sized pitch, with every player donning a mo-cap outfit to capture their movements. Essentially, by capturing players during actual matches, the animations will feel more natural and less forced, and will convey the impression that the players are putting forth their best effort.With HyperMotion, buy FIFA 22 coins has the ability to create bespoke animations on the fly by accessing a library of 8.7 million individual animation frames and using machine learning to splice them together in specific situations. For example, when a player must quickly adjust their footing after dodging a tackle and taking a shot or when a goalkeeper must react quickly after an unexpected deflection, the HyperMotion technology is supposed to kick in and generate new animations that did not previously exist for those specific scenarios. TEAM OF THE GROUP STAGE IS COMING!? HERO PACKS ARE OUT & OTW UPGRADES TODAY! FIFA 22 Ultimate Team This PACK PULL changes my MAIN TEAM!!! FIFA 22 Road to Glory #80Although it appears to be a fantastic concept on paper, it is clear that FIFA 22 Coins Xbox Series features the most realistic animation of any game in the FIFA series to date. Having said that, it is still not flawless, and while everything appears to be completely seamless during standard gameplay, slow-motion replays still reveal the occasional slidey legs and robotic animation transitions that were present in previous games. To be completely honest, we don't really see HyperMotion as the revolutionary new concept that EA is so eager to have everyone believe it to be. Our discussion of HyperMotion technology is limited to the first paragraph of this review due to the fact that it is the primary selling point of this year's entry, to the point where "HyperMotion technology" is literally printed on the front of the box.We believe that if it weren't being promoted as a major selling point, most players would simply think, "huh, the animation's improved a little," and would not give it much more thought than that. It is unquestionably an improvement, but it does not transform every player into an Andy Serkis-like performance.Aside from the redesigned animations, FUT 22 Coins follows a similar narrative to the previous year's game. There are a few minor balancing and physics tweaks here and there that will only be noticeable to the die-hards who play it day and night, but the differences are insignificant enough that the vast majority of players who were familiar with the previous year's game will be able to pick up 22 and feel completely at ease with it after just a few games.