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    With over six levels of The Cancha Del Mar, 2K expects to bring the same energy to current generation consoles. Each season, according to 2K, this vessel will make stops at various places throughout each season giving players distinct experiences throughout their journey's to 99 and more.

    In addition, the current generation will also get a few new badges that will be released in the next generation of 2K21. Be on the eye out for these badges in MyCareer! The 10th of September, the NBA sports New Year's Day merchandise NBA 2K22 arrived as scheduled. In this year's NBA 2K22 still uses two versions of the current generation and the future generation that will be able to satisfy players who play on different platforms.

    The previous version is no longer the main focus on NBA 2K22 development, and the new generation version that launched in the second quarter of the year is actually a mix of updates and reforms. While the next generation of NBA 2K22 is still not completely perfect in real-time play however, it is clear the fact that NBA 2K22 is a more advanced and fully-featured product than last year's NBA 2K21.

    In terms of game play, NBA 2K22's character action speed is significantly improved compared the previous version, NBA 2K21. The "skating" feel of character modeling in the arena is not obvious, and the coherent and smooth movements will also allow players to experience the real-world experience of a basketball game. The increasing speed of the player's actions has significantly altered the experience of the game on both sides of the attack and defense.

    The shooting speed is faster, and the old players must also take some time getting used to the new shooting style. The gun bar's design has changed to the vertical model that was familiar to the series players.

    If you want to know more about NBA 2K, you can go to