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    • CommentAuthorbaidai66
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2018
    That year, at the age of seventeen, he went to a distant small town to attend high school. It was his grandmother's house. Because of the death of his grandfather, his parents decided to let him stay with his grandmother.

    So he met her. Looking at her first sight, there is a feeling of surprise, and her smile is like the water lotus.

    He is different from all boys, <a href="">name necklace</a> wearing a high-necked white sweater, old jeans.He has long hair and a melancholy look. When the class hold in a party, he and her host the show, <a href="">costume jewelry</a> like two jade people. Boys and girls begin to envy.

    So, he wrote a note to her: Can i like you? She asked him to go out <a href=""></a> and said in the starlight: "Hands open." He opened his hand and placed it on his hand, a pair of bright red gloves.

    She said: "North is cold, you southerners are too thin, i see your hands frozen like carrots." Said, he shyly bowed his head.The bright red gloves, like two sets of flames in the heart of the hot, he thought, this life, this world, he can not forget her.

    Later, when he returned to Shanghai after the college entrance examination, she did not go to school, went to work in a forest farm, and later, finally no news about her.

    After more than ten years, he went abroad to study, married his wife and had children, had the happiness he should have, drove a good car, had a house with a swimming pool, had his own company in the United States, kept changing houses, and kept moving. But the only thing he didn't lose was the beautiful red gloves.

    Although he didn't know where it is, he knew that the red glove was still around. It was the beautiful girl who gave him a needle. When she gave him, he said, "I first weaved things, I broke my hand and weaved it badly. You should bear more."

    It is really not good. Very rough stitches, but he likes it because that is his first love.

    Occasionally there is a chance for him to return to the country to inspect the project. He has an impulse. He wants to find her, to see her, and ask her if she still remembers the pair of red gloves.

    After thousands of turns, he finally knew where she is now. She divorced twice and has a child, she is now selling clothes, and is far <a href="">custom necklaces</a> away from the city where he talks about the project

    He still decided to take a look.

    On the plane, his heartbeat was about to collapse, and the 30-year-old <a href="">925 sterling silver necklace</a> was suddenly impulsive like a teenager.

    He didn't call her in advance and wanted to give her a surprise and see if she could recognize him.

    When he arrived at her costume booth, he was stunned, and the former beautiful girl was almost unable to recognize . He looked at her, looked at the branding that had been laid on her for more than a decade, and suddenly wanted to shed tears. Who is the most ruthless? Not him, not her, but the time that will never end forever.

    He called her name. She turned around and saw him a few minutes later and rushed over - "It's you, the American doctor is back!" He did not mention the red gloves.

    After a group of students got drunk, some people mentioned the things of the year and said how they matched.

    When he came back, he found the pair of red gloves. The original bright red now faded and turned into dark purple. Some places opened the line. He tried to reach in and found that it was really awkward. Finally when he put his strength
    ,it broke the line. He didn't understand. How did the beautiful and bright red gloves become so thin and so bleak?"

    He knows that there are many things that cannot be copied. There are many things. After they leave, they will never come back.