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    • CommentAuthorFryeJacob
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2021
    It was evident when I used mouse keys in order to withdraw items. I keep my Astral, Cosmic, and Law runes in a row to make it easy to withdraw runes for spellbook swap. I've tried withdrawing these runes several times, and often result in 3 astral, 3 cosmic and 3 law.

    This update has the greatest impact on overloading. It's difficult to describe this in writing. Most likely, you'll discover that clicking fast can cause you to withdraw substances from the places you clicked on first.

    Doubleclicks with mousekeys If you move the mouse pointer after you click the + button, you can withdraw 1 of your item clicked on as well as one of the items your mouse pointer lands upon. It can be frustrating to overload a number of things. To counter this, you need to reduce the speed of your clicks or move your mouse in such a way as to account the lag. Clicking involves moving the mouse back and forward after clicking.

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