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    • CommentAuthorFryeJacob
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2021
    However, many players feel that this game could be the nail that nails the coffin. The game isn't even Snoop Dogg is able to save the game. There are moments where the game shines. There are some small wins to be won in the form of new games, or stunning graphics.

    The Yard is the newest game mode in Madden series. It pits top players against one another. This mode is hilarious as well as shocking and Madden's most entertaining ever. It offers backyard-style play. The field is only yards, so there are no times or quarters.

    While it's initially jarring due to having to learn the basics of a myriad of things and it places players who are both new and old on a completely even keel. It looks cool too in that players don't wear uniforms that match. It can be distracting from other games and can become monotonous.

    There are lots of areas and game modes that NFL 22 is lacking, but in general, the game isn't innovative enough and is stagnant. This is all because there's no game developer that creates NFL games so there's an uncontested game on the market, so EA cannot find any reason in their minds to make any positive changes or make this an enjoyable game to buy.

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