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    I mentioned to y'all (I can say that now because I'm in Texas...) at the beginning of the year that I'd like to start featuring some of my readers' stories on my blog.I know that many of you believe that you and I are literally the only human beings on the planet who suffer from female pattern baldness, but I assure you that we are not!To make sure this was the true cause of my loss, I had blood work done, which came back normal, and then met with a trichologist to discuss my options. He performed a dermoscopy (in which he examined my hair follicles through a super-magnified screen) and confirmed my suspicion that I had Androgenetic Alopecia. A single hair would grow in places where there should have been three, and while some strands were thick and brown, others were smaller and either white or clear.It turns out that I am genetically predisposed to Androgenetic Alopecia (thanks, Dad), but it wouldn't have manifested itself for several decades if I hadn't messed with my hormones. Although there is no cure for AA, I returned to taking my pill because it contains a high concentration of estrogen, which is thought to be beneficial for hair loss. Being back on the pill gives me the impression that my loss has stabilized, but nothing has grown back, of course.I was able to get by with just an EasiPart topper at first. It was synthetic and couldn't be detected if I wore my hair in a ponytail. Down, however, it simply did not match the texture of my real hair in order to be convincing.It may come across as conceited, but I can't help but feel this way, especially given that I'm only 21! Whatever the case, I eventually grew tired of being a hermit and decided to keep trying.The wig toppette was a purchase I made after squandering a lot of money on products that did not work for me.wig But I wasn't let down. In fact, quite the wig with glamorous is true!When the wig topper first arrived, I was a little alarmed because it literally looked like the top of someone's head had been carved off and placed in the box (sorry if that was too graphic, but it looked THAT real). Honesthairfactory hair is European in origin, which means it perfectly matches the texture and density of my natural hair. The hairs are attached individually using a "french-knot" method, which results in a small amount of scalp cleavage that extends all the way to the back, just like a real part.Even to my meticulous and ridiculously self-conscious eyes, my wig appears to be extremely realistic. My hair had to be dyed in order to match the piece (which actually plumped my hair and made it appear much thicker). I intend to continue in this manner in the future).