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    It has become easier to fall into the trap of purchasing fake human hair as a result of the availability of wigs for purchase online, which is why it is important to understand how to identify real human hair. Is it possible to tell if hair purchased online is real or fake when it is not in person?

    In most women's lives, this is a typical scenario. A picture of a beautiful woman twirling a luscious-looking wig is posted on Instagram by a vendor who wants to make money.

    It is over N100,000, she is told when she rushes to the vendor's direct message to inquire about the price. She informs the vendor of the specific hair she desires and transfers the funds she has saved or even borrows money in order to purchase the wig.

    A strange sensation occurs when the wig arrives. What you get is not what you pay for.

    The question is, Human Hair Bobo Wigs how do you know how to tell the difference between a real wig and a fake?

    The following are some suggestions;

    The first is a tangle.
    When purchasing real or synthetic hair, this is the most straightforward method of determining the difference. Unnecessary and excessive tangling occurs in synthetic hair. Despite the fact that human hair tangles as well, Wholesale Bob Wig the amount is not as great as it would be with synthetic hair.

    2. You might want to experiment with burning a couple of strands of hair
    Real human hair burns, whereas fake hair melts and melts. Human hair will immediately curl into a ball and catch fire, emitting a strong smell of burning hair. When fake hair is exposed to heat, it melts and emits a rubbery smell.

    3 Observe what happens when you apply water
    Wavy and curly human hair wigs can be achieved by spraying some water on them and watching them curl. A curly strand of human hair indicates that it is real, whereas a strand that does not curl indicates that it is fake.
    Testing a few strands of hair with bleach is a good idea.
    This may seem a little extreme, straight hair lace wigs but it is necessary if you want to determine whether the hair you purchased is synthetic or natural. Remove some strands from it and apply bleach to them to complete the process. When bleach is applied to human hair, it will tighten; however, fake hair will burn.

    Shedding is a fifth option.
    When there is an excessive amount of hair shedding, you can be certain that the hair is not genuine.

    Before purchasing hair online, read customer reviews to ensure that you are not being scammed.

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