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    Gameplay improvements in Madden 22, such as the Dynamic Gameday features and Next Gen Stats overhaul, have already been demonstrated, and EA has also provided players with a glimpse of some significant changes in the Madden 22 Franchise as well. Franchise scouting is one of the most important updates that has recently been implemented by the company. Some significant enhancements to Madden's scouting feature, including position scouting, regional focus, and more, have been made, but players won't be able to test them out until after the game's initial release.It has been decided to extend the currently live early access period for madden 22 mut coins on Xbox in response to some technical difficulties that have prevented players from fully enjoying the trial. After a brief period of early access, EA Sports' latest installment in the massively popular sports franchise will be released on August 20, just a few days after early access ends.Madden 21 was released last year to mixed reviews, and it appears that EA is taking a little more care with its product for 2021 release. In order to better address player complaints, the developer has taken a lot of player feedback into consideration for Madden 22. Unfortunately, technical difficulties have caused things to get off to yet another shaky start, though this does not appear to be a problem on any of the platforms for which the game is currently available..Before the trial period expired, gamers were promised a total of 10 hours of playtime in madden 22 coins. Early access for the game has already begun. Technical difficulties have prevented this from happening for EA Play members on Xbox consoles and Game Pass Ultimate members because any remaining trial time is erased when a player exits the game. For the time being, EA and Xbox are attempting to rectify the situation by providing those affected with unlimited playtime in early access until 11:59 p. m. PT on Tuesday, August 17. A summary of the announcement was shared on Twitter by MaddenNFLDirect, and the complete announcement can be found on EA Answers HQ.However, while this issue is not present across all forms of the early access trial, it does not bode well for Madden 22, particularly after the game's predecessor was plagued by bugs during its initial launch. With such a tumultuous release as Madden 21, many players demanded that EA abandon its property entirely. Ultimately, EA agreed. Although EA appears to have taken steps to avoid a repeat of this disaster, the memory of it is still fresh enough in players' minds that it may have an impact on how forgiving they are this time.Despite the massive popularity and revenue that EA Sports titles generate, a significant portion of the player base has expressed dissatisfaction with the way the games are being developed. Most people are dissatisfied with the fact that little effort is put into improving these yearly releases in an attempt to make the most money possible by doing the bare minimum. This line of thinking is likely to be more prevalent in the Madden community now than it has ever been before, especially in the wake of the disastrous Madden 21 release. Hopefully, EA learned from its mistakes with Madden 22 and that the Xbox bug is more of a reflection on the hardware than on the game itself.