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    • CommentAuthornfkjasfas
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2021
    What did I get? Some extremely limited set of cool-looking-but-useless tools that don't really work. Although I recognize the potential in a few of them, they cannot be used together and they lack some fundamentals. You could hide and seek, for example. This is a great idea. Do you want to see the problems?

    All members must be part of the same clan channel. It's possible however, it's not really. The rings of the seekers do not buzz and provide no indication of the distance between you (or how far away). Another issue is that every person on your channel appears purple on the map. If you are able to buzz enough, you're already on the map.

    You cannot even tag someone. The only thing I can think of for tag is a rubber chicken or carrot hit, but even then it's not equipped with the clan function built in. You can't tag anyone in these games.

    All of these things mean that my ideas for games are mostly ineffective. Let's look at my example of converting 40-40 to RS so that I can play in varrock town center. I'm looking for a goal for my runners, a method my defenses can stop the runners and a method to make it manageable for the defenders. They'll be outnumbered so I need to give them an enforced advantage. Also, I need to ensure transparency so that there's no chance of cheating. This includes announcements of score and unambiguous catch announcements. What can I do right now? Not a lot.

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