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    One of the original emotes from World of Warcraft was removed from Classic, and there were a lot of questions about why this happened. Particularly when it appears that certain slurs have not yet been eliminated.On July 30, World of Warcraft players on the game's Public Test Realm (PTR) noticed that they were no longer able to use the /spit emote on other players.The only thing the chat prompt would say was "X character spits on Y character," with no animations or anything like that. As a result, some people were taken aback by the fact that you couldn't use it on other players anymore.As WOW TBC classic gold points out above on the official Warcraft forums, the /spit emote has been around since the beginning of the game in Azeroth (if it were a person, the emote would be old enough to drive). It is no longer possible to use it against other human players.As a member of popular MMO streamer Asmongold's chat informed him, they may have made it so that you can't spit on another player in chat, but astonishingly, you are still able to refer to them as a racial slur.Read more:" target="_self WOW TBC Classic Preparation Guide-Phase 2 Preparation" target="_self Best WoW TBC Classic Addons - Top 6 Must-Have World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic Addons“They removed /spit, but they didn’t remove the n-word,” Asmon said, laughing at how ridiculous Blizzard appeared to be handling the situation.“I mean, wow, what is this?” says the speaker.If the removal of the emote was not related to Blizzard's ongoing lawsuit, one possible explanation is that /spit was removed because there was an addon players could download that would automatically target and use the emote on anyone within range who had the deluxe, cash-only mount.One user on Reddit speculated, "I guess Blizzard was concerned that people would be afraid to purchase the mount LULW."While another stated that "they found a spit emote to be too problematic and "toxic" because people were using it against players who spent money in their cash shop."More than just Asmongold and his viewers are scratching their heads in disbelief over the decision to only remove /spit without also cleaning up the in-game chat.