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    • CommentAuthorshoprewa
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2021
    Indication of timing to exchange iPhone battery cell phone parts wholesale
    If you use the iPhone for a long time, it will not be avoided any value forever is the deterioration of the battery. Any battery, battery is also a long-lived consumable, and the iPhone battery is not an exception. While charge and discharge are repeated, it will gradually deteriorate and will be able to adversely affect usability. Of course, the app will fall frequently, and the symptoms such as sudden shutdown will also occur due to the deterioration of the battery. If you felt that it can not be used comfortably, it may be time to replace the battery.
    Battery life
    The lifespan of lithium ion batteries commonly used on iPhone is said to be one standard of 500 full charge cycles. A full charge cycle refers to charging and discharging a battery of 100%. If you use 80% on the first day and 20% on the second day, it will be 100% in total, so it will be one full charge cycle in 2 days. Therefore, for example, if you are just using the battery and charge it every day, it will be a guideline in one and a half years.
    However, it does not mean that the iPhone can not be used suddenly in 500 charging cycles phone repair tools. It will be difficult to use comfortably by deterioration, and I think it would be appreciated as a measure of the time when the convenience of the original iPhone is compromised.
    How to check the condition of the battery
    Although it is possible to know a certain time from the charge frequency because of the 500 full charge cycles, if there is a day that does not use the iPhone at all, there is a day used to use and charge it, etc. It may be difficult to refer to when it is largely different.
    You can also check the battery status directly on the iPhone if it is iOS11.3 or higher iPhone 6 or later.
    If qianli you go to the iPhone "Settings"> "Battery"> "Battery State", the following screen will appear.

    The numbers in the "Maximum Capacity" item represent the maximum capacity of the current battery compared to new ones. Immediately after the purchase, it will be reduced by deterioration while using it at 100%. If it is a battery used under normal conditions, it is designed to maintain this number more than 80% even if 500 charging and discharging is repeated, so a maximum of 80% of the maximum capacity is one standard. You will.