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    • CommentAuthorMaymay
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2021
    Or you can sneak below deck and climb by means of a cannon space with a rope - 70 Agility. If you do plank the enemies ship, you can perish. Now you can also Melee other players around the enemy ship. If you kill all players on the enimies boat - NPC's can not be assaulted - You are able to take their team and force them to work for you - or they have to walk the plank... MUAHAHAHAHA - and can take charge of their ship, and market it or keep it to yourself. There's a forfeith button at the stern of each boat, where that boat and crew are brought back to the mainland with all of their items and the boat. The loot will be supplies on the ship and things that the players fall when the die.

    Redmonke suggested the skill ought to have a skillcape. Well I had been thinking it should have a picture of a ship on the cape, with a sailor from the backround. The emote would be: You hope onto a mini-ship and then start sailing on the land. Just an idea but it would be pretty funny. Girfaniam suggested Fishing Boats. I'm now incorporating onto his suggestion.

    At level 20 you will be able to earn a fishing boat. This boat will be somewhat wooden row boat. Since your level gets higher the fishing boat will have the ability to get bigger. Also in your boat you'd be able to visit the port side and PORT SIDE ONLY (if you don't have weapon implacments there) you'll be able to fly fish or utilize a regular fishing rod. This experience will go to fishing. If you're running low on food for your team you can simply fish and give that to them. Or you may just stop by the closest port.I have attempted to post a proposal to get a couple improvements to the farming ability at the official forum, however, I should be violating something, as my articles keeps being deleted! I have attempted to browse the asterik ribbon to see if I suggest something that isn't permitted (did anybody mention:"banana republic"), but so far I haven't figured it out myself.
    The details of the game information in