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    The antennas have radio receivers at the wow classic gold ends "like the rabbit ears on old television sets," said Don Gurnett, who led the plasma wave science team at the University of Iowa. The CME erupted from the Sun in March 2012, and eventually arrived at Voyager 1's location 13 months later, in April 2013. Because of the CME, the plasma around the spacecraft began to vibrate like a violin string..

    13MbAbstractRisk assessments of the threat posed by rock avalanches conventionally rely upon numerical modelling of potential run out. Such models are contingent upon a thorough understanding of the flow dynamics inferred from deposits left by previous events. Few records exist of multiple rock avalanches with boundary conditions sufficiently consistent to develop a set of more generalised rules for behaviour.

    This thesis aims to quantify outlet glacier retreat rates across the Atlantic sector of the Arctic and to assess observed changes in relation to climatic, oceanic and glacier specific controls. Results from a study region in north west Greenland recorded dramatic retreat on Alison Glacier, coincident with marked atmospheric warming and sea ice decline. However, retreat rates varied substantially within the region, suggesting that fjord width variability and basal topography were important controls on glacier response to external forcing.

    It's unlikely that this or any other reboot of the Superman franchise is going to erase memories of Christopher Reeve flying to John Williams' soaring score, but "Man of Steel" is a step in the right direction, even if it is an effects heavy product of its time. Where Christopher Reeve's Superman was a brightly colored mix of Rockwellian nostalgia and comic book campiness, Henry Cavill's "Man of Steel" is a gritty, post 9/11 anti hero, preoccupied with examining the modern definition of a superhero. Which is to say that the red cape and the blue tights are intact (if muted), but the dark haired, blue eyed hero has more of a world weary stare..

    Vodafone introduced a new prepaid plan worth Rs. 139 in April this year, and it offered as much as 5GB of data, unlimited calling, and 300 SMS messages for a validity of 28 days. This plan has now reportedly been revised to offer less data to match Airtel's latest offering.

    This consists of a highly depleted mantle layer above 110 km, most pronounced in the central Slave region, with a relatively 'fertile' layer of mantle beneath that extends to the base of the lithosphere. As diamond mining and exploration in the Slave craton matures, more samples are available for study, allowing testing of earlier models and refinements on existing geotherm estimates. This PhD provides new silicate major and trace element compositions, thermobarometry and rhenium osmium (Re Os) isotope data for two new suites of peridotite xenoliths from Slave craton kimberlites (Artemisia and Diavik), as well as new Re Os data for existing suites from Gahcho Ku (Kopylova and Caro, 2004).
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