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    • CommentAuthorGustafsson
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2020 edited
    Cowboys Draft 2020: Recapping the additions & reviewing roster needs for Cowboys As we put this year draft in the rear-view mirror, it time to look at the work the Cowboys put in to replace some holes on their roster. Did they do enough or are there plenty of things left to address Heading into this year event, we posted an article the day of round one talking about the importance for the Cowboys, and especially the duo of Stephen Jones and Will McClay, to produce some hits after a bad outing in 2019. The Cowboys had also made a few tough decisions that would shape their offseason to-do list . They decided to not pay Byron Jones, their top cornerback, and he bounced right to Miami on a huge deal. The Cowboys also couldn match the Bears on another big deal for 2019 sack-leader DE Robert Quinn. Though Mike McCarthy wanted a chance to reunite with WR Randall Cobb, his offer from the Texans was also too rich for Dallas. Last but not least, Travis Frederick, the multi-time All-Pro and Pro Bowl center decided to hang up his cleats .