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    The balance of creativity and productivity can be difficult to manage. However, they can work well together and I often find that productivity leads creativity and vice versa. I provide a workplace environment allows the two to peacefully co-exist, that is.

    Often, it can be difficult to nurture creativity in a busy office environment where the phone kept ringing, meeting disrupting the flow of writing and general chatter becomes difficult to quell. Although these things to be good, it can put a damper on creativity and, therefore, affect the level of productivity.

    Read on to find my tips on how to balance creativity and productivity work. These tips are also a reminder of great help to me in the days when I had forgotten how to do something.

    Creativity is often Spontaneous
    For those of us who are creative, we know that creativity can be the back of the head every time. his arrival was totally spontaneous, threw everything into chaos. So, how do you foster an environment in which creativity can be maintained, while productivity can be managed? Save a notepad next to you at your table. Keeping a notepad available at all times is useful for those times when inspiration to attack because it allows you to write down your thoughts and get back to them later. In this way, they spontaneously creative when not disturb the rest of your day.

    Working at the Right Office Space
    workplace have a significant effect on productivity and creativity. Surrounded by like-minded peers can help improve productivity and help in nurturing creativity because it can often help to discuss ideas with others.

    Wherever you work, have access to high-speed Wi-Fi and functional workstations can help increase your productivity and allow for space for creative thinking. Many freelancers increasingly discovering the benefits of working with others in a professional space as opposed to working at home in isolation.

    Take Mini-Boost
    A mini-boost is an activity you do for a short time to help keep you away from the work screen. Mini-boost gives great shots of natural energy. It is highly recommended that, in order to increase productivity and creativity, you take a short diversion of tasks to help increase the effectiveness of your work. If thoughts keep entering your mind about things that need to be done, write them down and put them to the side, this time just for you to recuperate and, trust me, it is a big help in those days were very busy.

    Keep your desk clean room
    To help drive productivity you can keep your desk clean. This may not sound too important but it is important to develop creativity and productivity. Working in a mess hall leads to lower productivity and, as a mother you might say, it's a sign of a cluttered mind. Boost productivity by tidying up your work space and stay organized. Allowing more natural light in as possible and be able to work on creative ideas.

    Enjoy What You Do
    Passion is important to develop creativity. For the process, learn as much as possible of the prominent people in your field, stay up-to-date with news in your industry and Glean insights and advice from colleagues or your boss admire. To continue to improve, it is important to absorb as much information as you can. We should never stop learning.

    Find Your Balance
    Balancing productive and creative can be difficult but they are actually the opposite side of the same coin. I do not think one could exist without the other. I hope you have found this article useful and that the tips I have suggested has helped. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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