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    As you may be aware, Google has used the answer box for a few years now. However, recently they have been cropping up more and more, give people a short, snappy answers to their search terms are being punched into the Google search bar.

    Google continues to strive to improve the algorithm to show you more relevant information - making it easy for you to find the information you want, fast.

    Is Google's answer boxes?
    In short, Google's answer box is a text box that appears at the top of Google is filled with text that is relevant to what you searched. In other words, Google supplies short answer boxes, pieces of information in the form of paragraphs, tables, points and / or video customized with any questions or requests.

    Okay, so here's an example of what that might look like:

    As I stated earlier, Google's answer boxes are becoming more prominent and common because Google has started a specific target search terms and keywords.

    Google answers the box is a good thing?
    Yes and no.

    So, the good thing about the box Google's answer is that it comes right at the top of the page, with some nice chunky information about your search term. People love to have informed you, great, right?

    The flip side of this is that even though people see your information, the box might just have enough information about it that they do not click through to your website.

    However, pages that have Google's answer box statistics have seen a huge increase in both the level of clicks and on-site sessions.
    In fact, we found that Google has the answer box actually act as a link authority, which means that people feel more inclined to click on it because Google recognizes the value and informative content.

    How to get Google's answer box to appear
    Basically, there are two main ways to get the content featured in Google's answer box.

    Finding out what people search for
    I can not emphasize how important this is, keyword research plays a big part in Google chooses to give them a piece of the glory of the answer box. The questions people are asking too keywords need, so make sure that you do not just answer their questions but including a few keywords that fit their search input.
    You can find out what your audience is requested by using a search engine tailored to things like that. Faqfox by WebpageFX is a popular option, as it allows you to find questions that revolve around your keyword (s).

    Finding Relevant Keywords
    The next option is to just search for keywords in your article which already displays the features in the SERP snippet, then you want to create content to take the place of an answer this time.
    It may be a little more difficult because after Google find content that trust and embeds in the algorithm and the answer box, it is quite difficult to get Google to take an alternative piece of content.

    Optimizing and structuring your content to answer questions
    The most important part of the box Google's answer is to have information in there that answered questions seeker.
    The use of language here is very important, considering:

    Google specifically looking for content that resembles the answer to the question.

    Or, something that offers an easy to follow process. So, if you're looking to get your answer box to answer questions such as:
    "What is the best holiday locations in the world?"
    You will want to include a sentence along the lines of: "Here is a list of the best holiday locations in the world / Here are 7 of the best holiday destinations in the world." - Preferably at the top of the page.
    Including number is also a good idea, because it tells Google that there is a list somewhere of your article (or points at least), who loves Google.
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