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  1. Madden NFL 21 will have a brand new game mode called "The Yard," which will be a sort of tribute to the "backyard" games that EA Sports used to do before. According to its developers players will be able to enjoy a faster smaller and more adrenaline-pumping mode with arcade elements similar to those of NFL Street.

    This backyard-style football concept is a 5-on-5 (mobile) and 6-on-6 (console) alternative to traditional Madden play.

    Users can create a custom avatar that they can build up and outfit with a variety of gear. The gameplay is clearly designed to deliver an arcade experience with over-the-top plays trickery and the like.

    In the mobile app games in The Yard will be five-on-five battles. The full version will see the lineups increase to six players. Users will be able to pull off trick plays such as behind-the-back throws and double passes.

    The courtyard and the courtyard: underground they will share the inventory progress and currency. The games inside The Court will adapt to the rules that the player establishes allowing double passes scoring points for certain specific actions and the like.

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