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    Want to get rich Archeage Unchained Gold in Archeage Unchained but the first part of this Money Making trilogy wasn’t good enough for you? Well then, stay tuned because it’s time to explore two other labor-based methods in our second Archeage Unchained guide for making money. Yep, it’s fishing and crafting.

    Labor-Based Methods

    These methods all require Labor Points, which means that they have an upper limit of how much daily Gold you can actually make with them. Most of the moneymaking methods fall into this category, as making a profit in Archeage Unchained is closely associated with labor-based activities.

    Opening Coin Purses

    Important Note: We are starting with the so-called benchmark method. Every time you come up with a method of your own or want to use one of the already proven ones, you should compare it with this one to determine if your efforts are worth it; Opening Coin Purses is a benchmark method because it "generates" (every time you open a purse, you create money which affects inflation by a bit) consistent amounts of Silver per Labor. This means that you can easily compare Gold/Hour, Gold/Labor, and Gold/Effort Needed of other methods with this one to determine how worthwhile they actually are.

    You can easily convert your Labor Points into Gold by using Larceny to open Coin Purses. This is one of, if not the fastest, ways of making (some) Gold in Archeage Unchained, but it is not too efficient. To make the most out of this method, you will have to max your Larceny* - Famed proficiency gives you a 40% Labor cost discount, which translates to ~40% higher overall profits with this method (unsurprisingly as this will raise your silver per labor ratio by 40%). There are 4 tiers of Coin Purses in Archeage Unchained that you can easily farm (there are several more overall, but these are the easiest to get in large quantities):

    Jester's Coin Purse - drop from level ~40 to ~50 mobs; 3 Labor needed to open, ~4,2 Silver per Labor (at max proficiency).

    Prince's Coin Purse - drop from level ~50 to ~55 mobs; 6 Labor needed to open, ~7,1 Silver per Labor (at max proficiency).

    Queen's Coin Purse - drop from some of the level 55 mobs; 12 Labor needed to open, ~7,4 Silver per Labor (at max proficiency).

    Ancestor's Coin Purse - drop from ancestral level 1+ mobs; 21 Labor needed to open, ~7,6 Silver per Labor (at max proficiency).

    The drop chance of all Coin Purses is quite high, which means that you will get more of them than you can open, but the method still requires some grind if you want to maximize your profits. The grind also means that you will make Archeage Unchained Gold not only from Pures but also directly from loot drops; you should choose your farming spot carefully because of that. Farming Ancestor's Coin Purses is the most efficient, but also the most difficult, and the best spots are often contested (Prince's and Queen's give comparable results, so they are also worth considering).

    *Please remember that bonus kicks in when you finish the Rank (Rank 3 bonus becomes active when you have 40000 proficiency, and so on).

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