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    Urwerk Amadeus UR-210 watch hands-on operation In the independent watchmaking industry, Urwerk is undoubtedly the bravest and most creative company. urwerk ur-210 price.The brand is known for displaying time with its iconic satellite system, but for at least the past few years, they have also been exploring novel and interesting ways to modify their existing models. For example, the brand's UR-105 watch has become Urwerk's most fascinating canvas for some models, such as the recent UR-105 T-Rex. Another watch that has served as the basis for some of URWERK's most interesting works is the UR-210, with the favorite model CP "Colo De Paris" below. Here, we have the most outrageous version of the UR-210 to date. See Which, Urwerk Amadeus UR-210 watch.

    Amadeus UR-210 is based on Urwerk UR-210 (the product was first introduced in 2012). AmadeusUR-210 is a unique product specially created for Urwerk's 20th anniversary. Like the previous UR-105, it uses Urwerk's satellite signature system to display the time. However, what really sets it apart is its efficiency index. The function of the efficiency indicator is to show the difference between the energy consumed in the past two hours and the energy produced by the mainspring. Essentially, it tells you whether you have moved your wrist sufficiently to generate enough power in the mainspring to drive the watch.

    But this is not all. The UR-210 also includes an adjustment mechanism on the back of the case, which allows you to change the efficiency of the rotor. There are three modes: complete, reduced and stopped. Full rotation can even transform the smallest movement into the winding of the mainspring. In deceleration mode, the air turbo compressor slows the rotor movement, which slows the winding speed of the mainspring. In the "stop" mode, the rotor is completely disengaged, without winding at all.Jacob & Co Astronomia Solar Planets

    The new Amadeus UR-210 has all these features, but the watch's outstanding feature lies in its compact case. The case is made of steel and titanium, the overall size remains unchanged, the diameter is 43.8 mm, and the height is 17.8 mm. Water resistance also remains unchanged at 30m. More importantly, it is a large watch that can be used to straighten the wrist.

    The engraving on the Amadeus UR-210 was inspired by an ancient clock from the 18th century, which was given by Felix Baumgartner, co-founder of Urwerk. This was one of the first collections given to him by Baumgartner's father, and therefore held a special place in his heart. The clock is the core of the Urwerk workshop. Its exquisite gold-plating process is completed in pure Baroque style, so it stands out.