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    • CommentAuthornewshoeser
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2020
    <P>Tonight, Williams was a co-chair of the Met Gala alongside Harry Styles and Lady Gaga. Elsewhere, florals continued to be summer's dominant motif and stars made the most of the punchy patterns. </p><P>But it wasn't the groundbreaking design and celebrity endorsements that catapulted the Superstar to household-name status - it was its <b><a href="">Nike Kobe A.D.</a></b> evolution from the basketball court to the street to mainstream culture via an idol-fan trickle-down. </P><P>Mattel isn't kidding when they say the Barbie dolls are made in each woman's likeness. At tonight's Met Gala, Serena Williams wore a stunning yellow creation by Atelier Versace on the red carpet-but it was what was underneath that embellished skirt and train that really stole the show. </p><P>On Jan. Never one to miss an opportunity to shine on the red carpet, Lizzo <b><a href="">Kobe AD</a></b> wore a custom dress at the NAACP Image Awards on Saturday, where she accepted the award for Entertainer of the Year. </P><P>Forego the stiletto! Banish the clutch! For example, while doing New York press for The Operative, Diane Kruger threw on slouchy suiting from Prabal Gurung's Resort 2020 collection and some beige trainers. </p><P>The actress-who famously broke the Cannes Film Festival's no flats rule last year-likes to pair runway looks <b><a href="">Nike Kobe AD</a></b> with sporty trainers and always errs on the side of comfort. </P><P>As an ardent low-heel wearer and someone who spends a lot of time around footwear, there are few things I appreciate more than a comfortable shoe. Call it revolutionary, or maybe it's simply an era when practical fashion outweighs tradition, but brides today are swapping out pretty party shoes for something unexpected and much more casual: the <b><a href="">Kobe AD Shoes</a></b> wedding sneaker. </P>