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    NBA 2K20: Which Sixers Player Should the NBA Use for your 16-Man Tournament?

    At this point, NBA fans will choose whatever's new for their entertainment. Ordinarily around this time, fans are able to turn their televisions on at night and grab a game of hoops on the screen. With the coronavirus outbreak in consequence that the NBA had no choice but to suspend the season now. The team is currently looking to attract basketball back by any means. No, the NBA hasn't determined to come back to the court without fans in attendance -- but they've truly come up with the next best thing at this point.

    On Monday night, Yahoo Sports NBA Insider Chris Haynes reported that there would be an NBA 2K20 championship, that will feature a handful of noteworthy names from inside the NBA. According to Haynes, the competition is going to probably be streamed and broadcasted so all NBA fans may enjoy the entertainment. Initially, it sounded like the league was leaning towards implementing one player to participate from each team. That doesn't appear to be the case. There will allegedly be 16 players, and the championship is expected to last.

    Besides DeMarcus Cousins and Donovan Mitchell, there is no word yet on the 14 players that will participate from across the league. If the NBA requested for a participant to represent they choose? Teams across the NBA have a couple of players who are tapped to the game world. The 76ers are different in this instance. Which Sixer if they use, although somebody should attempt to convince from Philly's squad to be involved?

    The first player to come to mind is Ben Simmons. He doesn't set his other abilities strictly, although the young All-Star might be one of the hardest workers on the Sixers. Simmons and the best of them can compete in games, and it is shown by him every week as he's been involved in some SLAM championships, that can be streamed to see on Twitch. You are able to see Simmons' virtual ability on screen often.

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