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    However, you have no reason. The previous gamemode (DMM) failed. Where the draw is makeup fail all minigames. The sole minigames which are populated don't have cosmetics as the sole reward. OSRS players need to feel as they're making something rewarding when they do it or things will get dead content. If you're able to buy them with gp of the others, RuneScapemode is not for competitive, then what makes it worthwhile to start anew if your process becomes wiped next league? Might aswell create a new account, time yourself and all the items u have drop over to your main and repeat?

    So essentially you thought it was such a fantastic idea for us to be playing two customers at once which you even created a brand new game mode to incentivize it farther? Getting real tired of this. I already need 2 accounts pvp on my pure and to delight in pvm this? We will be getting better servers or some fix to the current issue on the machine or if we expect to DC each hour on the hour once we play RuneScape manner too, cause the servers right now are pure crap. I honestly do not see a reason why their are sport modes like HCIM where even though its not the users fault they still drop Hardcore status even if it was a result of a JAGEX host dc. I mean end users should have a expectation that the product has been maintained. Only going to vote poll even if it's content that is good.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the Gains Website. The Benefits System might provide more insight as to why it will be worth playing even if you're able to only play for a few hours a day. No rewards on RuneScape for playing alternative game modes. Like the difference here is you login to somewhere else to play the minigame because of the restrictions Is not that what minigames are though. If this was a minigame in world in which you play and go to a different area could it be nice?

    I agree. There is no basic difference between a minigame like Castle Wars and also an"choice game-mode" like Leagues. The biggest issue with some thing like Leagues is possibly that it is seasonal, which may cause the rewards unattainable after a certain period, which I will see people taking issue with. Castle Wars begin after a certain period of time or doesn't go away. Should you missed the opportunity yeah I will agree with that being an issue, not a fan of items that are unobtainable. If individuals are tradeable Jagex is basically creating new discontinued items in Old School.

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