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    • CommentAuthorLisaAE
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2020
    Trading should be completely overhauled the logic and the interface. It is outrageous that after I'm at the Madden NFL player selection screen I can no longer find the'interest' level or cap space. Presentation. Holy fuck stupid is it that the screen property is used to demonstrate my coach walking around or studying. Literally anything, show tiles with state leaders, standings, injury news for the league. It is so hard to have a feeling of what's going on in the league. Change position titles, do away with ROLB, LOLB, etc.. Mike/SAM LB, introduce EDGE.

    An accident system. Injuries are a part of football. Every Madden NFL participant should get an injury history which affects the probability of reinjury. Better simulation in general. If your team is rated 90 and you are playing teams that are ranked 77, 80, 81, etc.. You need to dominate when you simulate (so long as the strategy matches are high). Like sim win percentage is barely correlated with a team it looks. Be able to market. Contract negotations.

    Glad you mentioned,"I want better generic faces for the drafts." Drives me nuts after a couple of years into franchise mode all of the Madden NFL players have faces due to a lack of face options. It makes downloading a custom draft class poorer as Madden NFL players don't look like college Madden NFL players.We need more penalties in Madden 21, Especially PI

    It's clearly DPI, but it is simply not coded into Madden NFL, and is instead called whenever the Madden NFL player gets sucked in an animation. 100% agree. Not only user lumps, recipients get bumped a ton in Madden NFL, altering their path, rate,etc the area. Notice this a great deal on streaks with the AI also, my recipient will possess +6 rate and +6 release and can not even get ahead of this corner with a good launch cause he keeps getting bumped.

    Yes this is definitely the most legit gripe I've seen in this sub-par. It's a gameplay mechanic that is bad. The programming is awful. Someone don't have any consequences for doing so and can literally user a security and only jam a reciever 30 + yards down the field. I know they couldn't just have p.i all of the time cause it'd be in virtually every play but there has to be a middle ground. Good post man.if EA wants to earn a realistic football simulation game, they will need to do something about it. A lot of ppl are currently gon na change over to 2k if their rights to the NFL expire.

    Check out for more details.