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    • CommentAuthorLisaAE
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2020 edited
    That is one of those things that won't change because in the event that you remove the point and click facet you remove one of the simplest elements of RuneScape. Removing click motion entirely would knock off people, although I believe it would be helpful to have WASD as an option. I will be honest however, I'm so used to mouse movement because of RuneScape I can not adjust to WASD on other MMOs anymore. Final Fantasy XIV alongside RS3 and I play and movement was removed by me in favor of mouse motion and max sensitivity camera. It feels better to me without having a mouse, I can comfortably move and utilize skills. My point being that choices are good, but removing it would outcast individuals who invested time learning the system.

    As a temporary remedy, can we at least get any f2p worlds repurposed if nothing else? Even during peak times, almost every f2p world besides planet 3/auto-login world has significantly less 150 players onto it, and 3 tick delay is all but entirely lost on f2pers since hardly any of their content is even affected. There are 19 f2p worlds that aren't legacy if you repurpose for associates and choose 10 of these, there could be 18k f2pers online at once before there is a waiting list. Not to mention you'd bring the p2p non-legacy english worlds from 85-95, ie theoretically reducing population of others by a little over 10%.

    Not to mention, in doing this, new players may observe there are more people on the f2p worlds and also be more prone to play with a game which appears to be somewhat popular and full, and f2p players who want it to become less crowded might pull out a charge card and eventually get that subscription they have been contemplating. It would help, although I like this idea, it wouldnt be a solution. Its viable now that there is less competition for resources than in osrs f2p.

    I like the tick speed for exactly the same reasons you despise it. Can recover an action I neglect to perform as long as it's within the time period offered by the Hurry rate of rs. But yeah everything else I agree with, especially the shit servers. I wanted to begin studying Telos but doing even Vindicta with these servers is a garbage encounter. I get mid 30s-low 40s kills but that I have to constantly junk my clicks and orbits since these servers are amazingly shit when there's more than 200 ppl are on the planet.

    I believe that tick prices are not really a problem once you get your mind around how ticks work. You can surely use them for your advantage too. They have made several prototypes of RuneScape without a tick system, and kept coming back saying that it didn't'feel' such as RuneScape whatsoever. It would be quite the struggle to eliminate ticks, but also not to alienate your playerbase. It's not an issue of understanding how ticks work. It's like taking a swim at a river that is shit, that in a action pub combat game, obtaining a delay on all your activities feels.

    Good point. I leaned more towards shortening the tim between ticks, enhancing the sense of responsivenes. We have to feel how it felt, so everything would need to be far quicker such as boss attacks, which means you need to slow them down -. Everything in RuneScape is balanced round that tick rate, so you may have to balance everything back into the pace that was new reworking the entire game - moments would be seconds till u.

    Check out for more details.