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    This is a disgusting cash grab which I will rant more than a normal remark might let, although I know there's a megathread. Apologies in advance. Thanks for the effort involved with this 20 minute YouTube video about Madden Max. I understand you are the messenger in this area. The video was nice, enlightening and would be a terrific idea to do for all major promos. What in the fuck What dumbass up from the tower in Orlando? Let us break down before it even lifts off the floor why this idea is fucked.

    This might be the worst moment in gambling history to attempt such a blatant cash grab. Everybody's restricted to their homes, people are put off and worried about necessities, etc.. Picture and gaming companies are bending over backwards trying to give content away and improve customer loyalty in the procedure. Typical company believing = something like"Hey, everyone's stuck in the home and struggling, let's give them free/cheap stuff and they will like us when all goes back to normal!"

    You guys do the fucking opposite. You pick"Hey, we have run out of shit we could sell everyone a little ancient. How do we extract the maximum amount of cash? I understand! Everybody's teams'll be fully invalidated by us and make them purchase the shit to keep playing our game! You did this trick last year, with +50 electricity Honors pros, the super bowl teams, and +1 OVR men. That was okay, because it was early enough to warrant investing in Madden still. You want everybody to do this in April?! this year To get a game which ends in 3 weeks?! Fucking ridiculous.

    This season was supposed to differ. This whole"OVR bottleneck" that you have put Madden into was entirely your fault, only you want your most loyal customers to pay for it. Remember near the end of last season? You declared OVRs would be reduced, and progression will be slower, to prevent the same mistakes.

    Fast forward to where we are and it is the exact same bullshit as before. Elites from the voucher, diamond in the very first monthly promo, 99s prior to the New Year, and now you've run out of content to market us. You employed this downtime in the majority of our own lives to earn some goodwill, and could have taken responsibility for this error. You release a attempt to reset Madden, until Madden actually resets this Fall. I expect that in a place, you immediately step for the remainder of your lives you put on new socks. That is the curse I have that will not get this deleted. RIP this season.

    Check out for more details.