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    • CommentAuthorCarolingAE
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2020 edited
    Heur was the first person to reach 200 million assault experience, when 200 million expertise was attained by him, he was almost 70 million expertise ahead of rank 2. Inside it AFK coaching attack when NMZ released almost all his in-game time was spent. Mac H was the first player to reach level 99 herblore and was position 1 in herblore for quite a while. He named shifted to this time TV show that was popular, in reference to Heisenburg character Walter White in Breaking Bad. He has since gone back to Mac H, and has a station that covers many things about OSRS. That's all of the useless stuff I recall at this exact moment.

    Bonesaw Bamf achieved the firecape in OSRS at 61 ranged by buying brews stated he was 75 herblore, although I dont remember if it had been the Mac H guy. He marketed brews to Bonesaw and had achieved 81 herblore thus his highscores had not updated yet without logging out. The firecape was attained by bonesaw with 1 prayer point and no supplies, he'd been prayer flicking Jad. The second cape was attained within the hour, so had Bonesaw died he would not have had place. Bonesaw was also the first to 99 cultivation, he did his runs lol.

    People say I'm a wannabe ironman because I accumulate tools, process those tools, sell them. It simply makes sense to simply exp off what I accumulated and farmed for exp initially, as opposed to always selling everything on the ge simply to buy other things I want for training. That is opposed to utilizing set skills to collect the resource that is profitable that is complete, selling it buying tools to train the processing skills with selling is the usual way people play. (I mostly only train herblore such a way, by buying the cheaper tools since collecting them takes an extremely long time).I will have to disagree totally, I was stoked when I noticed that the cosmetic benefits are invisibly since I frankly do not care about makeup, except that the Slayer helm I'll use that you, being able to sell them and use that gold to progress my account is wonderful. I'm sure they'll be costly, and as time continues on and people trade them less and less they'll be even more costly. If all I got was a cosmetic from the league that wouldn't feel rewarding for me personally.

    Btw endless endurance is op without a staminas to and elegant around, the two perks will not see any usage. I feel as the accumulator is your OP one. 80 percent of arrows and runes is fucking ridiculous. If you mage I can't even imagine the amount of countless gp and have 99 variety you would save. Run is all and quite nice, but I don't think its nearly as good. And the prayer benefits of the relics all are pretty much irrelevant if you understand how to a single tick flick. Maybe I am overlooking it.

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