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  1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Points[/b][/url] A massive new update is coming to Call of Duty and it adds Gunsmith Customs to Modern Warfare's weapon customization options.

    One of the most interesting new additions coming in this update is the ability to unlock and Obsidian customized skin for weapons as long as players can complete a set of challenges. At the time of this writing the exact method for unlocking Obsidian hasn't yet been released but if it's anything like the Gold Platinum or Damascus skins already available in the game it may be a bit of a task to get this new customization. Fortunately the update will also be coming with a number of updates to modes like Gun Game giving players plenty of new content to play through while burning through the new challenge.

    On top of all that another double XP weekend is on the way. Between May 1 and May 4 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 8pm BST you'll earn double XP double weapon XP and double battle pass tier progression in all Modern Warfare playlists including Warzone.

    Hopefully the new challenge won't be too specific or require players to divert from their normal playstyles too much in order to snag the new skin. Anyone who's played with a random player online who's clearly working to get an achievement or finish a challenge knows how frustrating it is to watch someone throw a game for the sake of a shiny new cosmetic. That being said many players will still likely be excited to get a new look for some of the best guns in Modern Warfare.

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