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    If you are first trying to break into the world of Rocket League, or even if you have started playing already, the goal is to become a better and more experienced player. To do this, you must try out the various game modes Psyonix offers in their highly-successful and sought after game.


    Let’s talk mechanics first. The game might look simple on the outside, but there are some mechanics that may not be obvious at first glance. The game’s physics allows for some pretty freaky stuff.

    ou may recognize this term from Super Smash Bros. because that’s where it was taken from. The wavedash allows players to gain speed without having to fully flip forward or use boost.

    This mechanic is most commonly seen when players come off the wall and land back on the ground. Rather than a simple jump from the wall and a landing, players make sure to tilt back their car a little and flip forward the moment their hind wheels hit the floor. This causes their front wheels to slam into the ground, therefore canceling the flip, but still gain the speed boost it grants.

    It is sometimes used during dribbling or to catch up quickly to the ball with an unexpected speed boost, and it can make for incredible plays. This is also possible with sideflips and backflips, the former of the two being fairly common.

    Ceiling shots

    I obviously won’t have to tell you how amazing these can look and how effective they can be. Players take the ball up to the ceiling, drive onto the ceiling, and let themselves fall back down to flip into the ball at a chosen moment. This makes it difficult for the defending player to predict where the ball is going to be. At the highest level, players are finally starting to learn how to defend against these, but you will still often see people going for it because, in reality, they’re really not that difficult to do. If you have a teammate holding your back, it’s okay to go for them since they can defend if you fail or finish your shot if you’re not accurate enough.

    The reason this move is possible is that players fall from the ceiling, therefore keeping their flip indefinitely because they never jumped. (Jumping gives you a 1.5-second window to use your flip or you will lose it.) Players can then choose when to flip into the ball, suddenly changing the direction and putting the defender on the wrong foot… Wheel? Axle? Regardless, it’s an effective way to outplay a goalie.

    Flip resets

    This mechanic is slowly starting to get mastered by some of the pro players. A car can regain the ability to flip by landing on any surface with all four wheels. You often see this happen with walls and the ceiling, where players get just a slight touch and suddenly jump or flip again.

    But where this mechanic really shines is when a player takes the ball up, flies after it, and touches it with all four wheels again, effectively landing on it mid-air. This has the same effect as a ceiling shot, where the ball can suddenly change trajectory when a player regains their flip. The difference is that this skill is much, much harder to pull off and therefore brings out a lot more hype. In very rare cases, players regain their flip by landing on another player.

    Hopefully this gives you a great base to start your journey to becoming a better Rocket League player. If you have trouble completing certain modes or challenges, you can come to for cheap boosting services. If you wanna to Sell Rocket League Items , it is highly recommended to a reliable Rocket League Trading store. Here you can choose from a bunch of professional game masters of in-demanded games to play the game and help you rank up fast.