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  1. Sonoma County on Monday became the first Bay Area county to require people to wear masks and facial coverings when going out in public. County Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase says the county’s expecting a surge in cases and wants to fight back by tightening protective measures.

    Sonoma County’s order from health officer Dr. Sundari Mase states: “All persons shall wear facial coverings before they enter any indoor facility besides their residence any enclosed open space or while outdoors when the person is unable to maintain a six-foot distance from another person at all times.”

    Exceptions to the order include driving alone or with household members in a vehicle unless the windows are lowered to speak to a first responder or other service worker including those at drive-through windows.

    Facial coverings are defined as any fabric or cloth that covers the mouth and nose. The order specifies that people should not buy medical-grade masks such as surgical or N95 masks which should be reserved for health care workers and first responders.

    As of Monday there were 147 cases of the coronavirus in Sonoma County — 84 active cases 61 people who have recovered and two deaths.

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