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    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2020 edited
 Despite pausing nonessential updates and enterprise support renewals Microsoft is continuing earlier update plans for Windows 10. Home users using an older operating system release will now see their PCs automatically download and install the current release. In the meantime it would be time for the next six-monthly release.

    This is the Home version of Windows 10 which in the case of the older 1809 release now automatically switches to the current 1909 release. Formally that older fall 2018 update still has support until May 12 this year. Microsoft announced in early December that it wants to let users "keep up" with versions of Windows 10 that are hitting the end of support.

    Last week due to the corona crisis Microsoft decided to extend support for certain cases of the even older 1709 release. With this the company wants to remove "one of the many burdens you are currently dealing with" according to the statement to administrators. This extended support covers the Enterprise Education and IoT Enterprise editions of 1709.

    Support for this corporate variant of Windows' 2017 fall update is expected to end on April 14 as originally planned. The variant for ordinary users both business and home expired on April 9 last year. The 2018 spring update that has been released since November is no longer supported but the 2018 autumn update is still. That 1809 release has been plagued by bugs a temporary update withdrawal new bugs in the re-release and slow market acceptance.

    A few days after the support renewal for corporate and IoT users of Windows 10 Microsoft has announced that it will not provide Windows 10 with non-essential updates from May. Just before that AG Connect had already asked Microsoft questions about whether Windows' development would be slowed or paused following Microsoft's decision for its Edge browser.

    So indeed there appears to be a pause for Windows 10. The rollout of new functionality is suspended but security updates are still being released. This is also because of the corona crisis and seems to be intended to spare users by offering them stability and not delivering major updates. However this does not appear to apply to the automatic updating of the 1809 release for Home users.

    Meanwhile according to Microsoft's regular schedule of major six-month updates to Windows 10 it's soon time for this year's spring update. According to the build numbering used to date this would then be the 2003 release. AG Connect asked Microsoft if it would stick to this schedule for the six-monthly updates.

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