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    That is when a player uses a third-party program called a'bot' to play the game for these for hours, doing things such as fishing and woodcutting to gather considerable amounts of gold within the efforts of real players. In order to fight this, the manufacturers crafted something called the'Fatigue system' that required you to sleep for a while in order to get XP points, after doing manual labor. If you kept working even though you weren't getting any points, that meant you were a bot and could be banned from the game.

    The fatigue system was be a failure since it targeted actual players in addition to bots and also affected the way honest players earned in-game points. This resulted in the manufacturers of the game coming up with arbitrary events to capture bots.

    Within this strategy events within the sport were tweaked slightly. These new events could be performed easily by ordinary players however conquered the programming of a bot with a certain set of in-built directions. Players have frequently asked the founders to eliminate these occasions, but they're determined that they help detect robots.

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