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  1. Microsoft revealed on Monday (16) that Windows 10 is present in 1 billion devices and is used in more than 200 countries. In addition to notebooks and desktops, the brand includes Xbox One units and HoloLens glasses.

    The announcement indicates that the operating system has achieved, albeit with delay, the goal set by the company at its launch. The goal was to reach 1 billion devices with the system in 2018, but that was not possible because Windows Phone was not successful compared to Android and iOS.

    Despite this, Windows 10 continued to grow on other platforms. The system has won 300 million devices since January 2019, when it surpassed Windows 7, and is now used in 80,000 notebook models and configurations.

    "We strive to find people where they are," says Microsoft, on its blog. The company highlights the operating system offers experiences such as touch screens, biometric login and connection with Android devices.

    "This innovation continues, bringing Windows to the cloud to offer Windows 10 through Azure and virtual machines on almost every platform, from Mac to iOS or even Chromebooks," continues the company.

    In the announcement, Microsoft also indicated that it works on solutions for dual screen devices with Android and the future Windows 10X. They are among the highlights of the next Build, Microsoft conference for developers.

    Microsoft also points out that Windows Insider, the operating system testing program, reached the mark of 17.8 million participants. For the company, this is because the focus on the user has increased and their comments are more taken into account in development.

    This has enabled Windows 10 to release features and security updates to users more quickly. "We have evolved from launching a version every three years to launching several versions a year," explains the company.

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