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    The wrap dress has withstood the challenge of staying [url=][b]sequin formal dresses[/b][/url] on trend over the years and continues to be an iconic piece that must be in every wardrobe. We've taken a look back at the history behind wrap dresses and curated our favorite wrap dresses designed to make you feel feminine, comfortable, and powerful all at the same time!
    Originating in American designer sportswear in the 1930s, the wrap dress is characterized by elastic fabric that wraps around the waist. During the Great Depression, loungewear called "hooverettes" were a popular wrap style for housewives, featuring a robe-like belt and a wrap front that could be tied at the sides—if your skirt gets dirty, that's It's just perfect!
    In the 1940s, dresses continued to be influenced by functionality. Clare McCardell created a wrap dress she christened the bobo skirt in response to women's busy lifestyles. The dress is traditional yet comfortable and enables the housewife to perform her duties with ease.

    In the early 70s, Diane von Furstenberg produced 20,000 cotton jersey wrap dresses and sold them immediately. While she didn't necessarily invent the wrap dress, she certainly perfected it. Her version was a collared, long-sleeved shirtdress that wrapped at the waist and accentuated the bodice. She added a V-neck, a belt that ties at the waist rather than any clips, and opted for stretchy jersey fabrics—all features that women everywhere love for the refined comfort they offer.
    The wrap dress quickly became a symbol of women's style free from confinement and defined the newly liberated woman in fashion. "Simple and sexy, that's what people want," Diane von Furstenburg told Vogue of the wrap dress — it's easy to put on, can go from day to night, and fits a variety of styles.

    The wrap dress remains a popular style today because it flatters any body shape and flatters every silhouette. It combines beauty and practicality for the modern woman - the belt and flowy skirt provide comfort, while the shape accentuates your best features! Effortless and easy to wear, this wrap dress is perfect for any occasion, from garden parties to formal occasions. Whether it's the fashion-forward celebrity on the red carpet or the everyday woman at work or at an event, wrap dresses will continue to grace the fashion world for a long time to come

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