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    Have you ever walked into a prom dress store knowing you won't find something formal dresses that fits your style as well as your size? I have been there. I went to prom in 2018 and 2019 and dreaded the whole shopping experience both times. My mom even started getting nervous about taking me because it always resulted in disappointment and crying in the locker room.

    That's why this year wanted to up their curve game. We know what it's like to walk into a prom dress store and be told "plus-size dresses are on the top floor," only to walk in there and find there are only five gowns to choose from...and nothing like a size 18.

    We pride ourselves on keeping a wide range of sizes in stock. And I'm not talking bad styles that weren't even trendy when they hit the market five years ago. I'm talking stretch lace, beaded beauties, and some one-shoulder styles. Now popular style, fit.

    While I love modern stretch-jersey styles and embroidered ball gowns, my heart will always be with beading. When it comes to beads, the ones I've found are the most complicated. This year, in my personal opinion, launched the collection with the best overall curves. They expanded the size range, posed for pictures with authentic plus-size models, and their dresses really spoke for themselves.
    If you've ever seen the digitally viral butterfly crop top on social media, this one will be instantly recognizable. Butterfly top features beadwork throughout, light cutouts at the sides, and open lace-up back. The dress has sparkling silver stripes and the skirt comes in powder blue and lilac shades.
    In keeping with the butterfly theme, it comes in three colors: ivory, lilac, and powder blue. Like the previous dress, it has an open back strap, and butterflies and twigs are beaded from head to toe. If there was a modern version of Bridgerton, this is the dress I'd want to wear.
    Switching themes, there may be no butterflies, but it still takes your breath away. In fact, this dress is my mom's favorite prom dress on our entire site! It comes in 7 shades and is covered in glamorous sequins from head to toe. It was a dress with a zip back, but the one-shoulder embellishment was designed with curves in mind.
    To showcase some of the more intricate beading patterns from , the ball gown comes in four colors: emerald, lavender, mint, and midnight, and features a slightly open back with a zipper. While the skirt is an A-line, the bodice is beaded to look almost like a belt, ensuring your waist is still defined and not lost in the fabric. 2023 New Year Sale is Coming, Best Choice to Get 2023 Latest Fashion Prom Dresses,formal evening dresses,homecoming dresses for your occasion.While More Plus Size prom Dress&formal Evening Dresses is for you now!
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