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    The precision of the web guide system is defined as the position accuracy of the web just coming out of the probe. The accuracy of the web guiding system is determined by three factors, including the deviation of the invasive web, the accuracy of the web guiding system itself, the installation accuracy of the web guide machine.

    The automatic web guide system is a controller of tracking edge or printed line of the working material to perform high-precision differential and swing, which is composed of large-scale industrial integrated circuits, with strong anti-interference ability, high reliability and long service life. The lateral web offset in the transmission is detected by the photoelectric sensor, and the electrical signal proportional to the offset will be sent to the controller. After power amplification, it is sent to the motor to make it rotate forward, stop or reverse and the motor shaft end is connected with a lead screw. The screw drives the roller to move the rolling roller in the rolling rail to move laterally in the offset direction, thereby reaching the purpose of the automatic web guide. The signal is being firmly measured and the high-precision of the web offset is the premise of automatic web guiding.

    Wide Applications Of Automatic Web Guide System

    An automatic web guide system can be widely used for various coils such as web films, non-woven fabric, woven fabrics, on a production line.

    Applicable industries: printing, packaging, paper, non-woven fabric, lithium battery, rubber tire, metallurgy.

    Applicable coils: wrapping materials, such as roll paper, film, metal foil, film, leather, non-woven fabric, woven fabric, etc.

    Applicable equipment: print packaging, flexo printing machine, gravure printing machine, label printing machine, slitting machine, coating machine, composite machine, die cutter, blown film machine, etc.

    The automatic web guide system is an integrated high-tech product with a wide range of applications, It has the characteristics of fast responding speed, high accuracy, long service life and high stability. It is essential in the coil material production line.