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    • CommentAuthoryannis
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2022
    What does the heater on a lube oil purifier do?
    The heater's purpose is to feed oil to the mechanical equipment, not to purify the oil. The temperature is maintained between 120F and 180F to lower the lubricating oil viscosity and maximize the flow. Before turning on the machinery, the heater will warm the oil. Additionally, you'll see a cooler to keep the oil's temperature below 180F while the machinery is in use.

    In lube systems for high-pressure steam turbines that use labyrinth seals to eliminate water, lube oil purifiers are used.

    Why is heating lubricant oil required?
    In extremely cold areas, lubricating oil is heated with a lube oil heater so that it will warm up at startup and flow more freely.
    They are frequently utilized in transmissions, hydraulic systems, and diesel engines. For light automobiles, oil warmers are also available.
    There are electric circulating oil heaters as well. Additionally, there are battery heaters and engine cooling water heaters. The heaters are often mounted in the oil pan or oil reservoir.

    How to choose a lube oil purifier manufacturer?
    First, if you want to choose a reliable lube oil purifier manufacturer(, you need to know whether the manufacturer is a profession in manufacturing lube oil purifiers. If it is a new company, you’d better not choose it. Secondly, you should know your requirement for the oil purifiers to choose a suitable oil purifier manufacturer. Thirdly, you should also pay attention to the price of the lube oil purifier.