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    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2022 edited
    In 1996, Brian De Palma's Mission Impossible arrived in theaters as a modern re-imagination of the classic 1960s television show. Much like Martin Scorsese did when creating a sequel to The Hustler (1961) with The Color of Money (1986), De Palma cast Tom Cruise as the fresh blood in a known universe. Cruise portrayed a new MI character named Ethan Hunt. The film was a hit, and the rest is history. So much so that today we're looking at the fourth installment of the movie series, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011), directed by Brad Bird of Pixar fame (for what it's worth, we are now staring down the barrel of eight MI films).

    This one follows Hunt on the … hunt for Russian nuclear codes following the assassination of an IMF (Impossible Objective Force) colleague and shutdown of the organization itself. He's joined by a revamped team of field agents on a mission that takes him from Budapest to the Kremlin, to the exterior of the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world for fans associated with HBO's The actual Rehearsal). All the while, he wears a chronograph from the same family as a certain crown-bearing brand.
    Unless you were totally unplugged from the watch world this week and only plugged back in at the sight of Ben Cruise (in which case, welcome! ), then you know Tudor recently announced a bombshell release by way of the new 39mm Pelagos. The watch, with its satin brushed bezel and dial, reduced situation size (and thickness), and removal of the actual HEV, sent enthusiasts into an absolute frenzy - our Introducing post already has 500+ comments.
    So I do the only thing worth doing, and I watched a film that features the Tudor watch on the lead character. And let me tell you, Tudor on the silver screen is a rare view to behold. In Quest Impossible: Ghosting Protocol, Dan Cruise - as Ethan Hunt -- wears any Tudor Heritage Chrono ref 70330N with a black switch. This one is really a watch which, in many ways, spearheaded the brand's return to global relevance. It, along with the Black Bay line, represented Tudor leaning into its archives to deliver thoughtful recreations of older models.
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    This timepiece was released in 2010 at Baselworld and pays homage to the groovy Tudor watches of the 1970s. Design standouts on this one are the pronounced Tudor shield emblem, sparse call text, angular sub-register framing, orange coloration, and screw-down crown/pushers (for water resistance). It's always struck me since the Tudor design variation within the Paul Newman Daytona.