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    • CommentAuthorvapeoem
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2022
    Notch coil, definition: The Notch coil is a stainless steel resistance welded to non-resistive wire. Used in clearomizer or reconstructable material, the Notch coil has the advantage of being very reactive to heating, without latency. The Notch coil has grooves to absorb the liquid more quickly and its very wide size increases the heating surface for high flavor rendering.
    Among the novelties of 2022, the notch coil is trying to find a place among vapers. We already know the ceramic resistances that it is still difficult to judge given the little perspective that we still have today. We have the resistances with tungsten or silver chip, and here comes the stainless steel curler: the notch coil.
    This resistance was discovered at Wismec with the usual Jay Bo at the design and the release of the ato dripper genesis Theorem (see the blog test). And then, very quickly, like a trail of powder, other manufacturers and not the least, embarked on the adventure. Example: Joyetech with a resistance available with its Mini Cubis, the cubitainer clearomiser. The resistance of Joyetech, the SS316L, technically has the same characteristics as the Wismec: stainless steel 316L with 5mm in diameter for a value of 0.25Ω. And it will be the standard model for the competition.

    vape manufacturer:

    Interests of the thing
    Now let's get to the heart of the matter: what's the point of it? Easy, the notch coil is clapton without the disadvantages of clapton. Namely, no diesel effect. That is to say that the resistance heats up immediately from the 20 watts reached, without latency as with a clapton. And for good reason, the resistance is welded to two non-resistive wires which immediately send the necessary current to the stainless steel roller. We gain in comfort of vape but above all we do not exaggerate the autonomy of the battery or the battery by sending a large amount of watts. Quite the opposite of a ceramic resistance in… 0.50Ω. Double our notch…
    And two
    Second advantage: The streaks, the notches which give this particular look to the resistance are there to supply the fiber with liquid. The surface that is not in contact with the fiber is very important. This surface allows the liquid to circulate quickly and fortunately because the stainless steel heats up very quickly. This is one of the properties of 316 stainless steel, it heats up much faster than kanthal. The benefit is simple. Who says good irrigation says no dry hit.
    And three
    Third advantage: stainless steel can go low in ohms. Vapor production can be easily boosted if that is what you are looking for. Provided you have the right mounting plate that goes with it (for the moment at least), the snotch coil is no more complicated to install than a ready-made kanthal.

    vape OEM:

    Disadvantage: For this to work, you need a coil with a good diameter and in this case 5mm. 4.8mm inside. As a result, the amount of cotton to be inserted is enormous. The Wismec notch coil must therefore be used with very wide plate atos. The coi is still 1cm wide without the legs. Possibly a dripper with a fairly high atomization chamber. Like the Aeronaut, for example.
    And the rendering?
    Rendering ? Well, of course, the notch coil is an invention that is operational and does not require complex equipment. The Gladiotter from The Fuu in 20/80 passes as well at 70 watts as a tobacco in 50/50. The notch is made, like the clapton, for strong liquids in VG, but it is not badly defended in flavor too.
    The size of the snotch coil is therefore a defect but which could quickly find a solution. Indeed, Ijoy is preparing to release its snotch coils in a rebuildable version. Essentially intended for its imposing RBA Tornado (up to six possible coils), the Ijoy snotch could soon be available with a diameter of 3.5mm which is more reasonable and will attract many rebuildable vapers. It's a big blow for Ijoy if the snotch finds its audience because the market is huge. As proof, the snotch coil is already plagiarized or even copied! And then Ijoy announces the release of “his” Theorem: the Limitless, an RDTA with a 4ml tank that looks a lot like the Wismec ato.
    The Wismec notch that I tested is a good product, we will see what the competition like Ijoy or Eleaf will offer. And it's almost tomorrow.