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    One of the primary statistics that players should prioritize is speed, and this is crucial to this Lost Ark Bard Support Build, purely because of how slow this Bard class is. If you're a veteran player who knows, bards are not mobile, and are unable to cast spells or healing buffs with the maximum speed.In order to catch up with the speed of the other players, putting points in speed is essential to allow players increased mobility and getting reduced skill cooldown. This helps them develop their skills more rapidly.


    Another important stat that players do not want to overlook will be The Specialization in which Bards in Lost ark can gain a lot from. The players who opt to invest in Specialization can receive a boost to their skills, whether to increase attack power and mobility or cooldowns.Players will now look at three major types of builds when focusing on a Support build designed for Bards which can differ from focusing on the speed of a build, a specialization-based build, or a mix of both.Four Virtue Stats In Lost Ark

    Each of these four virtues represents a specific personality path of your personality.Lost Ark has a personality feature that describes how experienced your character. This feature lets your character to possess certain characteristics that can be upgraded by a variety of ways, as detailed in this guide. Virtue points or virtue points function similarly to reputation. Being able to earn more reputation could provide new opportunities to your character.

    Virtues enable you to gain access to special quests offered by NPCs. They are also essential in establishing a relationship with NPCs by using a rapport system. If you don't have enough virtues, it's impossible to interact with some of them. They require certain virtue points or a specific quantity of virtue points in the specific personality trait.

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