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    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2022 edited
    Reddit user mattt913wolf logged on to the site to post a video of their game which showcased a successful touchdown that featured a comical glitch. In the video, he was playing as James Cook, the user played the ball within the five-yard-line when he was confronted by two opposing players. Unable to be tackled by the other players, five more came in to offer additional support however, they could not help. The player was able to not only hang on to the ball but remain on his feet and take the ball to the goal zone while all defense players slid over each other, a feat which is certain to get him a place on a coming Top 10 Running Back list.

    The Reddit Community has been a great resource for Madden NFL 22 continues to deliver some of the top content available on the internet that ranges from finding novel bugs and other exploits, to creating memorable football moments using Retro Madden games. It's an amazing showcase of how broken the game has become, and yet, despite acknowledgement from many of the players base, many of these issues have not been corrected. Although a January patch is scheduled to come in to address several issues that affect the overall gaming experience as well as Franchise mode, a few other obvious issues were passed over in the past, and players aren't too shy to speak about it via social networks.

    As EA Sports continues to address any issues it can there are a few Madden NFL 22 problems that were brought up in November are being reported and causing players headaches. While the glitch featured in this video might be one that players are hoping to continue to play However, the most important area to be concerned about is not the severity of the bug however, but the number of bugs remaining active in the game. There's no way to know what time EA will be able get to them all, and for now, they'll be left there, whether for good or worse. In the meantime, it's up for players to keep with their complaints, and hold faith that they'll be resolved in future updates.

    Madden 22 passing tips The best way to throw low and touch passes, lob passes, touch passes, and moreThroughout the years, EA Sports has introduced more techniques for passing in the popular Madden video games. And with the release of "Madden NFL 22," we're going to examine some of those techniques.Instead of throwing the ball to your receiver using the button that is above the head of their body, you can alter the method of throwing the ball in a number of ways. There are the initial three that all require the button you press to throw the ball to the receiver. These are bullet pass, touch pass and the lob pass. We'll go over how to throw them all below.

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