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    Throughout Lost Ark's Blackrose Basement, there are a total of eight Mokoko Seeds to be found, with players likely to come across a few of them simply by exploring the area. In reality, however, some of these Mokoko Seeds are only available to players who meet certain requirements. Some players, for whatever reason, may be unsure of what those requirements are. This guide is intended to shed some light on the situation and assist players in their quest to collect all of the Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seeds in the game Lost Ark.Simply put, there are two sealed doors in this Lost Ark dungeon, and there are Seeds behind each of them. Let's get right to it. It is necessary for players to dispatch three groups of Heretics and free their Devotees in order to pass through these doors, while taking great care not to accidentally kill any of the non-hostile villagers. To avoid the accidental death of a Devotee, fans should first disengage from the Heretics prior to engaging them. To do so, they can use the following information and the green markers on the map below to locate these enemies.Fans of massively multiplayer online role-playing games should descend the stairs and turn right at the bottom to find the first group of Heretics.Those who belong to the second group congregate near the altar in the sanctuary. Make your way down the stairwell and take out the Heretics who have gathered near the bottom. Then continue forward along the path to find a few more adversaries who must be defeated before you can proceed.The Blackrose Basement is the location of the Lost Ark. Mokoko Seeds Can Be Found in the Following Places:1: The first Mokoko Seed can be found next to a red chair that is located near two desks. 2: The second Mokoko Seed can be found next to a red chair that is located near two desks.Mokoko Seed No. 2: Lost Ark players will find this Mokoko Seed near a stack of books and a blazing brazier.3,4,5: This is one of the rooms that fans will be able to access after defeating the Heretics, and it contains three Mokoko Seeds that can be found on the ground.6,7: This is the other room that will remain sealed until the Heretics have been defeated and the Mokoko Seeds have been re-deposited on the floor of the room.8: The final Mokoko Seed is right next to a couple of pots of flowers.One final point to mention is that once players have engaged the dungeon's boss, they will not be able to return to their previous positions. As a result, players must take care to collect all eight Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds before reaching the conclusion of the game. In the event that fans fail to heed this advice, they may discover that they have missed one or more Seeds and will be forced to restart the dungeon to obtain them.